What does adult sex mean?


Usually, when people think about sex, they think about in some sort of plain vanilla or generic terms. They just mention the word sex, and it seems like in their minds, everybody gets the exact same picture. This is exactly where most people ran into trouble.

You see, when you say sex, it may mean many different things to many different people. After all, we come from different backgrounds, we look at the word differently, and we have different experiences. There are all sorts of artificial and permanent differences that separate us from each other. This diversity of differences is what makes the world so exciting. It is also what creates all sorts of drama, tension, and complications.

The same applies to the idea of sex. Everybody has many different takes on it. It’s like the word love. Everybody keeps repeating the same word over and over again, until pretty much nobody knows what it really means. The same applies with sex to a lesser degree. While most people can agree on the biological definition of sex, beyond that point, there are just so many directions you can go.

One particularly exciting direction is the concept of adult sex. It really blows the mind because when people think of sex, they think about the physical act. But adult sex actually takes the physical act to a much higher level. It’s all about the act and none of the emotional baggage that goes with it. This can be quite liberating and can be quite exhilarating if you have the right mind set. That’s what adult sex means. It really is a step in the right direction in human mental evolution.