Alannah Plays With Whipped Cream

Alannah-playing-with-creamThis was always going to end well, here was this sweet girlfriend, she was totally naked and standing in front of the fridge. She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to eat yet, but then she sees the can of whipped cream. It takes her fancy so she removes it from the fridge and then sticks it in her mouth, she then sprays it everywhere, and well that was really hot indeed. Now this cutie takes something else in her mouth, a thick cock!

Erica Works Out With Her Girlfriends

Check out these cute fitness girls as they do some track work, watching these flirty babe in their sexy uniforms running around is making me get a sweat. But lucky for us the girls have finished for the day now, and it’s time to head home. They all get picked up by this dude and they get in his car, now this is where things get really wild. Two of the girls in the back start getting it on, and then the girl in the front goes for this dudes cock!

gym erica and friend

It’s Washing Day For Blonde Babe Eva

It was washing day and Eva was looking forward to having some clean clothes, it had just been a hectic week and she was pretty much wearing the only clean clothes she had left. But, were they clean? She walks in the laundry room and then realizes they weren’t, now she needs to take them off, and her boyfriend likes that idea. He keeps this smooth blonde girl nice and busy while he clothes get washed, and he would do it all again no worries at all.

washing day